Kids Smartwatch 4G with GPS Tracker, Built-in Whatsapp, Face Talk,Voice,Wi-Fi Calling,SOS, Touch Screen Waterproof Phone Watch for Boys Girls

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  • WhatsApp & Messages: Due to the watch with built-in the WhatsApp, the new instant message center comes with text messages, voice messages, photos, send location and emojis. Also, free APP(SeTracker) Compatible with iOS and Android to control the smartwatch, available for individual or group chat, achieve Daily management of your child. UOTO kids smartwatch compatible with iPhone & Samsung phones.
  • 4G Face Talk: 2-way video calling feature, face to face video talk with your child anytime anywhere. The 1.44″ HD screen will show you a fluent interface, 2.5D radians HD screen(240×240 dpi resolution), anti-blue light, more clear, it protects kids’ eyes from the damage. Go data free with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Locator & Safety: Due to the 4G reception, the new locator is 50% faster than the prior model and it’s more accurate. Kids smartwatch equipped with an LBS/GPS/WIFI system that accurate location, you can check the real-time location of your kids and Input the time you want, playback where had the child been. You can also set the child’s range of activity, if the child leaves the set area, the geofencing feature will alerts you. It also, allows parents to locate multiple watches on the same map.
  • Remote Monitoring Watch: Parents can remotely control the kid’s watch to take photos without reminding. In addition to the phone function, kids smartwatch has an alarm clock, SOS emergency alarm and automatically refuse the call from strangers to ensure safety. This kid smart watch is convenient for children to use, it’s the best gift for children.
  • SOS Emergency Call: Kids GPS Tracker Watch, when in distress, Kids can press the SOS key for 3 seconds to circularly call families’ numbers for help. You can set up to 3 SOS numbers. Great help for kids in an emergency situation! This is a great design for parents and children. And we offer Guarantee 30 days worry-free refund and Lifetime Free Technical Support.

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Kids Smartwatch 4G with GPS Tracker, Built-in Whatsapp, Face Talk,Voice,Wi-Fi Calling,SOS, Touch Screen Waterproof Phone Watch for Boys Girls
Kids Smartwatch 4G with GPS Tracker, Built-in Whatsapp, Face Talk,Voice,Wi-Fi Calling,SOS, Touch Screen Waterproof Phone Watch for Boys Girls



kids smartwatch4G smartwatch for Kids Age 4-12

Why do you continue to buy a 2G Kids Smartwatch ?

Do you know most of the 2G base stations have been removed by the carriers in 2020?

Google “2G network” you will find the answer!

Like many of you reading this product, we are parents of a growing child who is taking her first steps into the neighborhood, taking the bus to school each day, and spending time at friend’s houses. We want a way for her to grow in making good choices, exerting independence, and building self-reliance and personal responsibility. While also knowing where she was, if everything was OK, and being able to tell her when it was time to come home.

When I was 8 I roamed all over town and the woods – but now is a different time and we worry about things we never had to before. Fortunately, we hoped, technology would close the gap.

Now, we have the latest version 4G smartwatch for kids!!

The UOTO Kids Smartwatch is the most advanced 4G universal kids smartwatch phone. We want all families to keep connected with the ones you love in a fun and safe way! It’s designed for kids age 4-14.

It has multiple frequency bands built-in making it compatible with most carriers in the US. Before you purchase this watch, please make sure your local carrier offers the 4G signal and the bands are as below:

US Version Network:

GSM Bands: US: B2/B5

3G Bands (WCDMA): US: B2/B5

4G Band(FDD-LTD): US:B1/B2/B3/B4/B7/28A/B12/B17

  • If you can’t connect to the watch thru the Setracker App, please disconnect your watch with the WiFi first, use your watch’s keyboard, type *#*#80015#*#* twice, then use your phone send this message(pw,123456,ts#) to the watch’s phone number, you will receive a message, then log out the App and log in again, the watch will be online.

kids smartwatch

kids smartwatch

kids smartwatch

Built-in WhatsApp

Exclusive launch of WhatsApp, 24-hour live call chat, zero-touch contact with children. Also, the kids can contact with their friends who don’t have this watch.

NOTE: The watch can’t receive a video call from the cell phones with the built-in whatsApp, because the watch’s resolution is low than the cell phone, but the watch can make a video call to phones via the built-in whatsapp. We recommend you use the Setracker APP to make a video call with the watch.

Wifi & Bluetooth & 4G LTE

Save data and minutes by using the Wi-Fi Video Calling by connecting to Wi-Fi. If you have reception issues inside of a building, connect the watch to the Wi-Fi to use Wi-Fi calls instead of regular voice calls.

It also built-in Bluetooth to transfer files, like photos.

Built-in Puzzle Math Game

Math is the perfect game to introduce or reinforce early math skills in children.

Design for easy, normal and hard three game levels according to children’s different ages, which could practice your child’s learning ability and reaction capacity. Great brain training to improve creative mental math skills.




Two-way Calling

Your child can call and receive calls on the watch. It only allows family members and friends to call your child since all the contacts on the watch must be added by the parent or primary guardian in the companion app. And it will block the Stranger call. Up to 30 preset Contacts.

Voice Chat

The instant message center comes with 1-way text messages, voice messages and emojis. Available for individual or group chat. Also, the kids can share the photos to parents via the voice chat surface.

FaceTalk Video Calling

Two-way video calling feature, face to face talk with your child anytime anywhere. More clear and smooth video calls. Go data free with Wi-Fi connectivity.

NOTE: FaceTalk only works between the watch and the App.

FaceTalk will require more power and the watch may heat up more than usual during excessive use.

watch waterproof

Newest IP67 Waterproof Technology

We have tested the Waterproof grade over 1000 times at our Laboratory by Leaving it in the water for about 30min. The UOTO Watch is safeguarded with IP67 waterproof technology, This is splash proof for everyday play, splash and sweatproof, Basic domestic waterproofing, protecting it from rain, or if it is dropped accidentally in a body of water, we suggest you’d better take it off when showering or swimming, because of High water pressure and High water temperature will break the watch’s waterproof system.



NOTE: We only offer the 4G Kids smartwatch, no offer the Sim card!!

If you need to purchase the Sim card, we recommend you to purchase the T-mobile Sim card as they are highly compatible with UOTO 4G Smartwatch and provide a more affordable monthly plan for the UOTO Users.

Usually, you only pay $5 for 250 mins of talk or 250 texts or 250 MB of data which is more than enough for your kid’s watch. Because the watch has WI-FI Connectivity, it’ll be free to make a Wifi or video call once it’s connected to the Wifi.

You must get a regular cell phone plan for the watch’s Sim, the same as for your personal cell phone. Make sure it must be a smart cell phone plan with talk, text and data instead of any wearable, digits, watch or tracking plan

* Before you purchase this watch for your kids, please check the coverage map on T-mobile’s webside.

> Check the T-mobile Coverage Map:

Our UOTO Kids smartwatch is compatible with RedPocket, Speedtalk, AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon and Sprint’s network. As for T-mobile, it will be highly compatible with this UOTO 4G Smartwatch, for AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, we not ensure they will 100% be read by the watch due to these carriers no offer some bands in some cities.

So we recommend you to use a T-mobile Sim card with this UOTO Smartwatch.


  • 1. The watch didn’t work/device offline, please send email to support team. Whether you ask for item return or refund, we’ll solve your problem less than 24 hours.
  • 2. The watch worked, but the GPS accurately has some error with the real position. When the watch is the outdoor or good signal place, the app will locate on GPS, in this mode, the error will be less than 100 meters/330ft. However, when the user indoor or in poor signal, it will have a 0.5-4 miles error with the real position.
  • 3. If the GPS Kids watch didn’t work/ device offline, please check if you choose the correct area when you register the APP firstly. In the US the need to choose “North America”.
  • 4. The 4G version will consume much more power than the 2G version, if you enter a spot where the reception is not good, the CPU will keep searching for the signal which will generate heat. Video calls require constant uploading of the CPU generates a lot of heat. And long-time use, such as talking, taking photos. sending messages, etc., will cause the CPU to generate heat, but it’s normal.
  • 5. GPS & Historical Route Track: You can track the watch’s location in real-time anywhere anytime. We offer lifetime free service for Android and IOS application software. Past locations of the GPS watch in the latest 1 month will be stored in the system for your future checking.
  • 6. Support 4G Network: This is a 4G LTE GPS watch, it can support 3G and 4G networks. Most GPS watches are 2G GPS watches on Amazon which only supports 2G network, the 2G network was shut down in the USA, so 2G GPS watches can’t work in the USA. Our 4G GPS watch can work in the USA very well, and GPS tracking accuracy is great!

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Specification: Kids Smartwatch 4G with GPS Tracker, Built-in Whatsapp, Face Talk,Voice,Wi-Fi Calling,SOS, Touch Screen Waterproof Phone Watch for Boys Girls







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