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Collaboration is a good fit for wearable sensor startup

The Cornell startup specializes in creating soft, stretchable fiber-optic sensors that can be woven into clothing to recognize different types of touch. Sometimes you want your technology to be fast, sleek, eye-catching and responsive. And other times? You want to be able to throw it into the wash ...

deWiz enhances golf performance in real-time

For the avid golfer, perfecting your swing can take hours of dedicated focus and practice. In golf, the difference between a slice and a great shot can come down to tiny, and often unseen, flaws in technique, frequently resulting from an errant swing path learned habitually over time. These ...

Achieving razor-sharp vision in the metaverse

Thanks to the enhanced light-field technology developed by EPFL spin-off Creal, augmented-reality and virtual-reality images appear increasingly life-like with less strain on users’ eyes. The company will present the latest version of its system at the Augmented World Expo this week in California. ...

This touchy-feely glove senses and maps tactile stimuli

The design could help restore motor function after stroke, enhance virtual gaming experiences. When you pick up a balloon, the pressure to keep hold of it is different from what you would exert to grasp a jar. And now engineers at MIT and elsewhere have a way to precisely measure and map such ...

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